Our Mission

We make it easier to capture processes and catch mistakes, making food safer, and making management faster.

Provision is a technology company with offices in Calgary and Chicago. We build digital food safety solutions that save time, cost, and risk.

Our Mission
Market Context

Food safety is getting harder.

There were 2.5 times more recalls in the U.S. between 2013 – 2018 than in 2003 – 2008.
In response, every food safety standard is raising the bar and straining basic paper systems.

   Harder Certifications

Most major retailers now require GFSI-benchmarked food safety certifications.

   Less Notice

Many certifications are introducing unannounced audits that greatly reduce preparation time.

   New Requirements

Most companies must introduce digital traceability, supplier approvals, internal audits, and more.

   Strict Grading

Certification bodies have increasingly hard grading and new processes to close out non-conformities.

Our Approach

New functionality is only worthwhile if it’s easily understood by operators.

We believe most software has failed to consider the reality of the food industry.
Provision can be configured to suit any commodity, any food safety standard, and any user.

Our Approach
Who We Are

Provision was founded by a farmer-turned- sommelier who spent 15 years in software.

Our team blends a deep history in food processing with award-winning software expertise to build solutions that are unusually practical for use.

Our Clients

From startups to the world’s largest food companies.

Across three continents, thousands of products are made safer with Provision.

Snow Farms
Bc tree fruits
Gwillimdale farms
Washington Sage
Beemaid Honey Limited
Centennial Food service
Deepwater farms
Indianapolis fruit
Sunterra greenhouse

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