Make food safety and QA records faster and easier than paper.

“If you can text, you can use Provision.”

Craig Ogilvie

Craig Ogilvie

Supply Chain Director, BC Tree Fruits

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Catch and correct mistakes, faster.

Automatically ensure you have populated records completely and correctly.
Limit distracting rework on record submissions.

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Know what to work on, and when it’s due.

Start your shift with a simple table of what’s due that day, and get reminder alerts for any upcoming task.
Tap directly on a task to complete the corresponding record.

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Cost Control

Complete records up to 75% faster.

  • Autofill Answers

    Autofill data such as the person, time, location, and any other repeat answers in fields.

  • Easy Menus

    Pick any product, supplier, equipment, and more in just two taps – and skip all related specs.

  • Track Changes

    Automatically timestamp activity in food safety and QA records, by user.

  • No Duplication

    Link two or more related records together to prevent duplicate data entry.


Do work in your own language.

Create records, policies, reports, and tasks in any language.
Use the main menu in English, French, or Spanish, or use Chrome for live translation.

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Get better context and clearer data.

Eliminate messy handwriting with quick-action menus and autofill in digital records.
Add images and attachments to build context for root cause analysis.

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Produce spreadsheets, without using Excel.

Enter data in easy-to-use digital records, accessible on any device.
Create custom reports to summarize submissions, and export the data as a spreadsheet in one tap.

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Fast and accurate record-keeping, starting at $95 monthly.