Operations Management

Instinct doesn’t scale.
Roll out a system that can.

Optimize alerts, sharing, and analytics to build a smart operation.

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Streamline staff training and instructions.

Upload any policy or procedure, and link it to records for training or ongoing food safety and QA.
Create training records with automatic scores, and automatically track and trend employee results.

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Root Cause

Find the reason for any process deviation.

  • Find Deviations Easily

    Create custom reports that automatically summarize key data from process records.

  • Get Context

    Tap directly from a reporting datapoint to the root record that contains related data.

  • Go Deeper

    See process images, attachments, and the staff who worked on the record.

  • Trace the History

    See other records related to the root record, and trace up or down the process history.


Get alerts to respond to issues quickly.

Configure your account so you are notified of tasks at key stages in your process.
Enable email notifications to stay in-the-know even when logged out.

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Reduce recall risk with precise traceability.

Isolate single lot IDs that went through particular equipment or processes.
Prevent the recall of entire categories of products.

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Supply Chain

Track and trend customer complaints.
Organize supplier approvals.

Create custom reports that summarize the performance of customers and suppliers.
Unify the reports with internal analytics to master all your process variables.

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Enhance management with data-driven insight.