Supply Chain

Unify data from all operating locations, customers, and suppliers in one central hub.

Share common requirements and streamline the data received in return.

supplier application and approval forms on phones

Version Control

Update record templates and policies.
Instantly harmonize all locations.

Publish a change once, and it will update all operating locations connected in the cloud.
Assign tasks to verify or acknowledge the change, ensuring everyone is up-to-date.

pre-on inspection forms on phones

Self Assessments

Enable data sharing between locations.
Run internal audits, off-site.

Manage security permissions so managers can view data across your operating locations.
Easily complete internal audit records in split-screen while you browse data by location.

internal audit form  on tablet

Mock Recall

Trace a product across your supply chain.

Instantly search a product using any starting point - its ID, customer, date, packaging, and much more.
View all related records in the product’s history, and complete a mock recall record in split screen.

pic mock recall form on tablet


Allow customers to submit complaints.
Build efficiency in review and reporting.

Share a smart record template with customers to structure and validate the contents of complaints.
Instantly assign complaints for review, accept or reject, capture corrective action, and auto-report all results.

complaint log form on phone


Eliminate blindspots in process analytics.

Create custom reports that summarize the performance of customers and suppliers.
Unify the reports with internal analytics to master all your process variables.

data visualization on tablet


A smart hub for supply chain management.