Digitize compliance to reduce errors and spending in cold transport and storage.

“Provision is capable of not only saving time and cost for VersaCold, but also identifying the root cause of cargo claims.”

Jas Bains

Jas Bains

Vice President & GM, VersaCold Logistics
Smart Compliance
Tasks due today on tablet
Sanitation log form on phone answer required
Pre-op inspection form on tablet
Storage log form on phone

De-risk your certifications for sales.

Fulfill food safety requirements to open opportunities in transport and storage.

On Time

Get alerts to prevent missed records in sanitation and other tasks


Automatically verify that all required fields have answers

Up to Date

Instantly distribute updated SOPs and track a version history


Set rules that flag non-conformities for corrective action


Simple and continuous food safety training.

Upload SOPs and link them to records for training or ongoing food safety and QA.
Create training records with automatic scores, and automatically trend employee results.

Trailer wash form on phone

Identify problematic equipment, drivers, products, and routes.

Food safety forms track every product through every process step.
Your data can identify problematic equipment, drivers, products, and routes.


Limit downtime for food safety audits.

  Find Records Faster

Stop binder flipping, and instantly find a historic record by searching any data it contains.

  Trend and Count Data Easily

Automatically summarize data from record submissions using customizable reports.

  Show Version History

Provision automatically tracks a version history for every policy, as well as the linked records.

  Do a Mock Recall in One Minute

Find a product by its ID, packaging, customer, or date, and trace up or down its history.

Cargo Claims

Receive, process, and analyze customer complaints.

Establish one central hub for tasks, records, policies, and reporting.
Control the requirements and permissions for each terminal or division.

Complaint log form on phone
Cloud Connectivity

Unify all drivers and terminals in one cloud.
Harmonize templates and data reporting.

Establish one central hub for tasks, records, policies, and reporting.
Control the requirements and permissions for each terminal or division.

Pre-on inspection forms on phones
Image Records

Pictures protect your company from liability.

Document your safety compliance by taking pictures of yard checks, loading, and any other record.
Find the context you need by tracing a product, location, or tracking ID.

Complaint log form on phone

Set up Provision for any process or certification.

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  Any Record

Have any record template created for you as part of Provision’s implementation service.

  Any Workflow

Create one or many stages of review for any record submission, with permission controls.

  Any Document

SUpload any SOP or certificate, set any expiry date or version number, and link any record.

  Any Report

Create custom reports to summarize any data in record submissions for audits or analytics.


The five causes of poor compliance, featuring Charles Powell and Sabrina Dean

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