Frequently asked questions.

  • How is billing done?

    Subscriptions are billed monthly and due upon receipt, with payments by PAD or credit card.

  • Is there an agreement to get started?

    Clients agree to the standard Terms of Service to begin subscriptions.

  • What is the term?

    Subscriptions have a three-year term that can be cancelled with 90-days notice, without cause.

  • Who owns the data?

    Client data is owned by clients and can be exported during use of the platform.

  • Does the pricing include hardware?

    Clients provide their own hardware and can use any device with internet access.

  • Does pricing ever change?

    Pricing is escalated for active clients by 3% per year to provide transparency and predictability.

  • Does the pricing include support?

    Provision provides free support with same-day responses in normal business hours.

  • Does the pricing include implementation?

    Implementation services are custom to each client and can be quoted separate from subscription.


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