Webinar Summary 

How to Scale Lot Codes and Identify Locations

Tune into the GS1 presentation at the 3-minute mark.

Key Takeaways

  • Supply chains must ensure they have globally unique IDs for their products and locations, to ensure their data doesn’t get confused with other products or locations during FSMA 204 traceability conducted by customers or the FDA  
  • GS1 offers scalable standards for product traceability lot codes, called “Global Trade Identification Numbers,” or, “GTINs”
  • GS1 offers scalable standards for location IDs, called “Global Location Numbers,” or, “GLNs” 
  • GS1 standards can be used inside CTE records in Provision

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The key takeaway is regardless of whether you design a solution in-house or using a third party, you need to speak the same language to be interoperable and communicate with your trading partners – you can’t just operate in a silo. That’s exactly what GS1 does.
Lucelena Angarita
Food Supply Chain Optimization Director, GS1
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How to Record Critical Tracking Events

Tune into the Provision presentation at the 20-minute mark.

Key Takeaways

  • Provision can convert native language into GS1 identifications, enabling easier data input for operators, but scalable data standards for supply chains 
  • Provision can automatically link CTE records together in a traceable sequence 
  • Provision enables automatic reminders and rules to ensure compliant data in CTE records
  • The average Provision client completes records 53% faster than their prior method
  • Clients can download their FDA spreadsheet in one click using Provision’s FSMA report


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The beauty of Provision is that the CTEs you capture can be unified with any other compliance information you’re already capturing. So as a grower, you can have one harmonized tool for everything from seed and spray records to CTEs for FSMA and any other information your suppliers or audits require.
Kevin Davies
CMO, Provision Analytics

How to Unify Data from a Network of Suppliers

Tune into the Kezzler presentation at the 35-minute mark.

Key Takeaways

  • ERPs are often not usable enough to be used by operators for CTE record-keeping 
  • ERPs are often not well-equipped to centralize data across a variety of organizations in a supply chain
  • Kezzler integrates to Provision and other common software to combine traceability data into one central hub 
  • Kezzler’s platform helps to standardize and reconcile differing data formats 
  • Kezzler won the FDA Traceability Challenge


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Kezzler is a connected product platform – one source of access that allows you to plug into the different points in your supply chain and get a single source of truth.
Frederic Clulow
General Manager (United States), Kezzler