The Path to Food Safety Certification for Fresh Produce Transporters

How to navigate HACCP certification and satisfy client requirements.



The Rising Requirements for Market Access

Why an increasing number of fresh produce customers are demanding food safety certification in their supply chains.

  • Major retailers started to require GFSI-benchmarked certifications for their fresh produce suppliers
  • GFSI increased its requirements for the service providers of certified operations
  • Fresh produce companies passed down certification requirements to their transporters


A Transporter’s Guide to Food Safety Certification

How to fast-track HACCP to satisfy customer requests.

To achieve certification, your company must:

  • Create standard operating procedures that mitigate food safety risks
  • Train staff about those procedures
  • Complete ongoing records to prove that staff are following the procedures

This is a typical roadmap for a transporter to achieve a first-time HACCP certification:

transporter haccp certification roadmap

Frequently Asked Questions


How much does certification typically cost?

Costs for certification can vary based on a number of factors, including the size of the operation being certified, which certification body is conducting the audit, and the complexity of the systems being evaluated. Typical costs average approximately $5,000-6,000.


How will a food safety program benefit my company?

A transporter’s main benefit is increasing its customer confidence. A certified food safety program opens the door for more business from existing customers and potentially many new customers. Proactive compliance under certifications and regulations may allow a transporter to stay ahead of its competition and market itself as the most dependable carrier for customers.


How often does a certification need to be renewed?

Each HACCP certificate from SAI is valid for three years after the initial certification date, with surveillance audits conducted annually. At the end of the three-year period, a recertification audit is required to renew the certificate for a further three years.


Client Success Stories

Dozens of transport operations trust Provision and Iron Apple to streamline their record-keeping and SOP management for food safety certification.

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“Provision is capable of not only saving time and cost for VersaCold, but also identifying the root cause of cargo claims.”

Jas Bains • VP Transportation & Logistics (Canada), Lineage Logistics


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