CanadaGAP: A Simple Solution for Fresh Produce

Among the variety of GFSI-benchmarked food safety certification options available to fresh produce operations, CanadaGAP is an incredibly popular choice. The program has been adopted by more than 3,000 growers, packers, and shippers both within Canada and abroad. 

A major reason for CanadaGAP’s popularity is its ease of adoption. With a fully templated approach, all policies, procedures, and records are ready-made for the sites seeking certification. No customization is necessary; CanadaGAP has been designed to cover practically any commodity or process in the Canadian fresh produce industry.

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CanadaGAP prides itself in offering a certification option that serves the full supply side of the fresh produce chain - from growers to packers, wholesalers and brokers. Simplifying the process through templates makes certification more approachable for first-timers or small, independent producers while still being thorough enough for complex operations.
Heather Gale
Executive Director, CanadaGAP

For new entrants, CanadaGAP’s templates make it simple to start toward GFSI-benchmarked certification. However, the thoroughness and broad applicability of the program may become overwhelming for operators.

This overwhelm may present itself with missing, late, or deviant data in audits. How are certified sites protecting their brands from this compliance risk, while unlocking new efficiencies?

Provision and CanadaGAP: A Progressive Partnership

In 2022, CanadaGAP announced a new partnership with Provision. Together, the two organizations co-developed digital solutions for CanadaGAP, making all records, policies, and procedures available in Provision’s popular food safety software. 

With this forward-thinking and tech-oriented perspective, CanadaGAP is a great choice for fresh produce operations looking to modernize and optimize their food safety management.

 By utilizing the smart tools and automations, many elements of CanadaGAP can be tackled in less time, with less risk.

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Provision has saved us a vast amount of time.
Adam Sweetman
HSE & Compliance Manager, Sunterra Greenhouse


Digital Records: Solving Tedium and Risk

  • Issue One
    You're unsure where to start in developing the documentation required to achieve food safety certification.

  • Solution One
    Use the CanadaGAP program in Provision with one simple
    download from The Compliance Store.

  • Issue Two

    CanadaGAP templates are unavailable in operators’ language.

  • Solution Two

    Live-translate any policy, procedure, or record into any of 109 languages.

  • Issue Three

    Operators are missing or late in completing required tasks and records.

  • Solution Three

    Task assignments and notifications ensure timely completion.

  • Issue Four

    Non-conformities in seeding, spraying, and harvesting.

  • Solution Four

    Automatically populate the preharvest interval (PHI) for any chemical, and it will create an automatic rule to flag premature harvests.

  • Issue Five

    Operator overwhelm is causing slow data capture.

  • Solution Five

    Show one question at a time, and reveal the next step automatically based on the operator’s answer.

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Provision was instrumental in streamlining the growing and packing processes in our CanadaGAP program at BC Tree Fruits. The efficiency and benefits Provision brought to our business were unparalleled.
Warren Sarafinchan
Former President & CEO, BC Tree Fruits

Unified Compliance for the Future

The landscape of food safety is constantly changing, as are the expectations placed upon growers, packers, and shippers throughout the industry. With the help of certification programs like CanadaGAP and tools such as Provision, suppliers at every stage and in a wide range of commodities can face the future of compliance with confidence.

Operations with more than CanadaGAP certification are covered too; Provision offers an efficient way to unify programs like PrimusGFS, SQF, and GLOBALG.A.P. alongside CanadaGAP – all in one shared hub.

Looking for a solution to streamline your food safety management? Request a live demo from Provision today to see how the platform can work for your operations.