Advancing Fresh Produce Compliance: Turning Spanish Language Barriers Into Bridges

Compliance is already complicated. Don’t let English-only technology make it harder.


The Overlooked Importance of Spanish Solutions for Fresh Produce Compliance

Mexico and Latin America contribute no small amount to the fresh produce trade. According to USDA statistics:


Of imports to the U.S. came from Mexico in 2020


Of field workers in the U.S. were born in Mexico

This raises an obvious question: if the industry relies upon a predominantly Spanish workforce, then why are most digital food safety solutions exclusively in English?

  • icn-xmark-circle-red Low Adoption
    When software is configured and taught in English for primarily Spanish operations
  • icn-xmark-circle-red Wasted Time
    When data is captured offline in Spanish and duplicated into software in English
  • icn-xmark-circle-red Deviant Procedures
    When work instructions and SOP documentation are delivered in English for Spanish staff
  • icn-xmark-circle-red Inaccurate Data
    When Spanish workers interact with English-only record templates for food safety

Today’s dynamic workforces call for more dynamic solutions to unlock safety and quality enhancements.

Beyond English: Delivering Diverse Solutions

Software Platform

Many software solutions focus on being advanced and overlook the importance of usability. Provision has prioritized intuitive design to earn adoption among those who have low-to-no software experience. The platform’s language flexibility enables Spanish staff to capture food safety and quality data in less time and with less uncertainty than if they were using paper.

  • icn-check-circle-green Spanish Navigation
    All menus, buttons, and default elements of Provision can be viewed in Spanish

  • icn-check-circle-green Spanish Contents
    Client SOPs, record templates, and data reports can be configured in Spanish

  • icn-check-circle-green Dynamic Translation
    Provision plugs into powerful tools like Google Translate to instantly translate any English into Spanish for multilingual operations




Software Services

To meet the demand for comprehensive Spanish solutions, Provision has partnered with Grupo Delcen – an industry leader with an impressive track record in food safety services. With over 30 years of experience and an impressive portfolio of customers in the food safety space, Delcen’s presence in 14 countries across Latin America makes them uniquely suited to serve Provision’s Spanish clients.

  • icn-check-circle-green Spanish Configuration
    Delcen can transform any analog food safety documents into a digital format in Provision

  • icn-check-circle-green Spanish Training
    Delcen can teach Spanish staff how to use Provision, ensuring successful adoption

  • icn-check-circle-green Spanish Support
    Delcen can provide technical help in Spanish throughout a client’s use of Provision
Green Quote right Icon

“Multilingual solutions can unlock a competitive advantage for fresh produce companies looking to gain or maintain market access. Provision is a powerful tool that saves time, cost, and risk in safety and quality programs. With the help of Grupo Delcen, it becomes even more accessible for growers and packers around the world.”

Joaquin Nava • CEO, Grupo Delcen

The End Game: Unlocking Value for Spanish Growers and Packers

Provision and Grupo Delcen enable fresh produce operations to transcend language barriers by leveraging modern technology. This ensures that complex requirements such as FSMA compliance become even more manageable, paving the way for safer and more effective supply chains.

Multi-lingual produce packer, Double Diamond Fruit, has achieved:

  • icn-check-circle-green 80% faster record-keeping
    Thanks to expedited data entry and streamlined verification workflows

  • icn-check-circle-green 40% faster team management
    Thanks to task scheduling and embedded work instructions in records

  • icn-check-circle-green 80% faster audit preparation
    Thanks to alerts that escalate deviations instantly, and reports that summarize data

Clients across North America and Latin America alike are attesting to the value of this approach:

Green Quote right Icon

“Provision is easy to use and has shown the flexibility to adjust to the needs of our operation. The service we have received so far has been great. Delcen’s implementation team have been concerned with solving and adjusting the system to meet our needs.”

Elva Casares, Fiesta & Arte Sano (U.S.A)

Green Quote right Icon

“Provision has the tools we need to elevate the quality and efficiency of our compliance processes. The program is easy to use, available in Spanish, and reasonable in price, which offers a great opportunity.”

Sara Aponte, Plaza Foods (Puerto Rico)

In a world where language should never be a barrier to safety and efficiency, Provision and Grupo Delcen are breaking down linguistic walls to make the fresh produce industry safer and more accessible for all.


Amy Wayne

Amy Wayne

Provision Analytics


Luis Nava

Grupo Delcen

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